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Short Spline VW Thing Rear Drum Kit

$ 295.00

Short Spline VW Thing Rear Drum Kit

Modified drums for short spline beetle stub axles or half shafts, or short spline swing axles. Drums are 1" wider then beetle 5 lug drums and are a direct swap.
Otherwise known as “Lazy Long Axle”

Increases track width 1” per side in the rear
5x205 PCD, 12m x 1.50 thread lug bolt holes.


Why do I need this? You need more track width in your brakes for specific wheel offsets. These drums are 1” wider then 5 lug beetle drums and 5/8” wider then T3 rear drums. You need to eliminate that 1” aluminum wheel spacer because they are dangerous. You are trying to fit 17x7 wheels to the rear of your beetle/bus. Bunch of reasons. Spacer Shim goes under the drum for -67 vehicles.

$295 plus shipping

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